The Sublime Space

The week of the spring equinox is a time for weather turmoil, as the seasons struggle for identity. The sun is rapidly returning, the redwing blackbirds trilling—before the iconic robins—and narcissus shoots stretch after their winter’s nap. On this morning … Read More

Introducing the Book’s Contributors: Ghosts of Lost Dreams

Writing novels requires a lot of work-in-progress—research, revisions, candid reviews, formatting, and proofreading. Yet, the cover is the centerpiece of a book. If done well, the cover art sets the ‘mind space’ of the writing for the reader. To familiarize … Read More

The Artists That Make the Book

Writing novels always seems to be a work in progress, seasoned with research, numerous revisions, candid reviews, formatting, and proofreading.  Yet, the centerpiece of a book is the cover.   If done well, the cover art sets the ‘mind space’ of … Read More

Author’s Note: Prometheus Scorned

As with the first novel in the series (Casting Demons Into Swine), the crisis that entwines Dr. Cromarty in Prometheus Scorned is based on a true story from the same county where I practiced during the 1980s—although being fiction, some … Read More

While Driving By An Old Barn

If you travel through rural landscapes—other than “filling space” on the interstate between destinations—you may notice monuments to forgotten family farms. These monuments aren’t made of granite but are marked with the dull luster of metal roofs, faded paint from … Read More